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Internet Connectivity

Pellston Regional Airport is proud to be able to provide wireless Internet connectivity and wired Internet connectivity for its visitors. Wireless Internet connectivity is available through out the entire building. Wired Internet connectivity is available in the Business Center.

Pellston Airport wants to make your travel experience enjoyable and productive. The Internet connectivity is just one way to achieve this goal.

Connection Requirements

Network Card Configured for DHCP (wired and wireless)
Wireless Card Turn WEP Off (no wireless encryption key required)

Trouble shooting guide for Wireless systems running Microsoft Windows

1. Make sure that your Wireless Network is turned on.

2. Click on “My Network Places” (If you do not see “My Network Places” on your desktop, Click on the Start button then click on “Control Panel” and you will find “My Network Places” located there.) and go to “View Network Connections”  (Check your “Network Connections” and make sure you do not see a “Red X” on the Wireless Network. If there is a “Red X” just “Right Click” on the Wireless Network box and “Click” the Enable tab, this will turn on your Wireless Network.)

3. Make sure that your Wireless Network is configured for ”DHCP” and “WEP” is turned off. (99.9% of all Lap Top’s use this as a default setting) If you use your Wireless Network at work and have a “Static IP Address” or use a “WEP Key”, you will need to turn these off as this system is an “Open” system and it will give you an IP address and will Not require a “WEP Key”.

This can be found by Clicking on “My Network Places” and go to “View Network Connections”, right click on your Wireless Network Connection, then “Highlight” Internet Protocol” then “click” on the “Properties tab”.  You will now see the screen that should have the following checked in the circle’s, “Obtain and IP address automatically” and below that, “Obtain DNS server address automatically”. If these are not checked and you have an IP address and DNS server address entered, you will have to uncheck those and check the “Obtain and IP address automatically and the “Obtain DNS server address automatically circles to make your Wireless Network Connection work with the Wireless system.

4. If you have recently upgraded your “XP” Operating System to Service Pack 2, you may have to adjust some of the security settings to allow the Wireless connection to operate correctly.
5. If are able to see an Access Point and still are not able to connect, make sure that your Wireless Unit is not locked at a 802.11g setting.  It will need to be set to either Automatic, or to 802.11b.

You may also have to adjust your Anti-Virus program, as it might not allow you to connect because the security setting may be set to high.

Trouble shooting guide for Wireless systems running Max OS X

Step One: Turn Airport On

A Mac running OS X with a wireless card will have a symbol, located near the clock in the upper right corner of the screen, which represents the connection to any wireless network in range. Click the wireless icon and make sure that the AirPort wireless card on your computer is on. If the AirPort card is turned on you will notice that “AirPort: On” is grayed out and “Turn Airport Off” has the option of being selection. If the AirPort card is turned off you will notice that “AirPort: Off” and a selection of “Turn AirPort On” being available. Select “Turn AirPort On” from the menu.

Step Two: View Wireless Networks

If you just turned the AirPort wireless card on, wait a moment for AirPort to find all the available wireless networks. Click the wireless icon again. You should now notice a menu of available networks. Depending on your location, you may see one or several available networks. If there are multiple networks, choose the network that is closest to you. For example, if you are located in the lobby of the building and a wireless network is named “Front Lobby”. To choose a network and connect to it, click the network from the dropdown menu and the AirPort card will connect to it.

Step Three: Internet

If you successfully connected to a wireless network, you now can open any Internet applications such as Web browsers or chat programs.


If you do not see the wireless icon in the upper left corner of the screen, make sure that the AirPort in installed in the notebook.
If you see the wireless icon, and you have AirPort is installed properly, try turning AirPort off and back on. This is done by clicking the wireless icon, choosing “Turn AirPort Off”. Wait a moment, then click the wireless icon again this time choosing “Turn AirPort On”
If you notice low signal on your wireless icon try using a different wireless network before you relocate. You can change networks by clicking the wireless icon, and choose a different network than you currently are on.

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Getting Here

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